The company "Geoproduct" provides services for the installation of geosynthetic materials. Our experts will help you not to only choose the products that best meets the needs of Your facility, but also to carry out a quality installation or laying. Experienced professionals of our company carry out the construction of objects for various purposes. Using the services of our company, you will get a fast and high-quality result with a long service life.

Strengthening of slopes and embankments

Strengthening of slopes and embankments is one of the main processes in the construction of roads and railway lines.

Drainage system device

The drainage system, equipped with our materials, allows to prevent many troubles caused by the increase of water level. For these purposes, we offer products that simplify the drainage device , make its cost cheaper, why the system does not become less efficient.

Construction of ponds and ponds

Construction of ponds and ponds – another construction industry, which is not without the use of geosynthetics. Great practical experience of our company allows us to speak.

Strengthening of soil

Long-term experience of our company allows to perform any work on strengthening of soil. The introduction of geosynthetic materials caused the low cost of work and the efficiency of the obtained structures.

Strengthening of coast (Bank protection)

For many years, our company performs a full range of works aimed at protecting Your pond and the surrounding area from collapse and erosion caused by wind and water erosion. Work on shore protection.

Construction of bridges and overpasses

Bridge structures are considered complex engineering structures. Our company uses all modern achievements at the stage of construction of such facilities. And today, the construction of bridges and overpasses is simply impossible without the introduction of geosynthetic materials.

Construction of hydraulic structures

Construction of hydraulic structures involves work on areas with difficult terrain and dangerous geological processes. Therefore, the materials should be used, as appropriate to the construction project for the requirements of reliability and efficiency.

Laying of geotextiles

The company "Geoproduct" provides a wide range of services related to the use of geosynthetic materials. Among others - the laying of geotextile.

Laying of biomate

Our company is often approached by customers who want to not only buy biomes but also to get services for its installation and installation. In order to ensure the positive effect of using our materials, we decided to offer not only the sale, but also professional installation of biomat.

Laying of the geogrid

The company "Geoproduct" provides its customers with services for the installation of geosynthetic materials. Laying geogrid is quite complex and time-consuming process that requires the guidance of professionals.

Laying of geogrid

Different geogrids are placed on the site of operation according to certain technologies.

Geomembrane laying

Our company is not only a manufacturer of geosynthetic materials. We also offer services for their installation and installation. 
One of the more popular services that we offer is laying and welding of geomembrane. 

Laying of gabions

Gabions are structures created from a double-torsion grid filled with natural stone.

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