Leader by production and sale geosynthetical materials in Russia
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We manufacture11 years experience in developing
DeliverConvenient and fast delivery
all regions of Russia
Guarantee30 days for refund or
exchange of goods
ReliableAll goods
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Geoproduct is a major manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic materials, as well as materials for various types of construction. We produce environmentally friendly products, which passes all the necessary laboratory tests and has certificates of conformity of the state standard.

Our own production allows us to be confident in the quality of the materials sold.

Geographyour project
We are in numbers
of geogrid
we sold it all the time.
So much weight modern atomic submarine.
satisfied client
This is one satisfied customer every day. We value
experienced employee
In our company, working for You and ready at any time answer any questions.
trillion. euro
Really wants to earn our CEO this month!
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Николай Керемет
Nikolay Keremet
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